We help you stay focused on your job

We’re creating value in your organisation : by outsourcing your staffing efforts, we help save time in finding and selecting relevant profiles while keeping the decision making level yours.

Our practice

Understanding your needs is our starting point. We then elaborate the best strategy for the search and identifiy the most effective tools to identify and reach the needed indiviuals.

We’ll then provide you a short-list of candidates for you to choose from or help refine the search.

Success fee or retainer?

In most cases, we work on a success fee. That includes : no retainer to start your search and a guarantee for the person hired. During the probationnary period, we’ll follow up closely separately with you and the newly appointed person.

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We compound our respective values

Absolute confidentiality guaranteed. Non-discrimination and equal opportunities practice.

Our social responsability:
We believe that recruiting an individual is a wonderful
interpersonal experience.  For that reason we have chosen to donate 0,5% of our turnover to EpicFoundation which collects funds to support development programs for children and the youth throughout the world.